Last Monday (July 3rd) Cameran Nelson and his band were involved in a bus accident on their way to a concert in Del Rio, TX. The accident resulted in the loss of their equipment and the death of one man.

After national coverage, and questions from fans; last night Cameran took to Facebook to further explain the circumstances surrounding the bizarre incident.

We were headed to Del Rio, Texas to play a show with Rick Trevino when an oncoming car began to drift toward the yellow line headed toward my lane. I started honking, then as the car came further over I hit the breaks and aimed the bus for the ditch. As the car passed my window I could see that the driver was slumped over and appeared to be asleep. Between the impact of the car (which hit right before my driver side rear axle of the bus) and the drop into the ditch, both Seth and Gabe were thrown out of their bunks into the floor. As soon as I got the bus stopped, I yelled back to my crew and made sure I heard all of their voices. I immediately ran straight to the car to check on the other driver, but it was clear that he had already passed. We were in a very rural area with no cell service. The first car that came up on the wreck had enough service to call 911. Once the sheriffs deputy got there, they looked in the car and told us to wait in the bus until EMS got there. Thankfully, none of us were badly injured and we refused any medical attention, although the images of this incident will probably be with me forever.

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