With Garth Brooks winning CMA Entertainer of The Year, do you remember when Casey Donahew covered Garth's "That Summer" live on Radio Texas, LIVE!

Aside from getting the sweet Garth cover, here are four things we learned from Casey's visit:

  1. He loves Garth Brooks.
  2. The Burleson, TX Wikipedia page has him listed under "noted people" from their town, finally.
  3. Naming punctuation marks, with the added pressure of a clock, is not his strong suit.
  4. Radio Texas, LIVE! debuted his new single "Not Ready to Say Goodnight."

From the original post dated December 2014: Casey Donahew stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! last week and left us with a live rendition of Garth Brooks' "That Summer," a brand new song "My Life's Like a Country Song," and his new single "Not Ready to Say Goodnight," plus I added him to notable people on the Burleson, TX Wiki page.

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