While it has become customary for bands to wait as much as three years or more between releasing new albums, Charley Crockett has made it clear during our Radio Texas, LIVE! hangs that that's just not how it works for him. He intends to record a new album every year, at least.

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The hard-working former street performer will release his newest album, Welcome To Hard Times, on July 31st, which is now available for pre-order. This week Crockett runs over sand dunes, through the mountains, alongside a train, on a horse, in a house, and with a mouse in his new music video for "Run Horse Run," we can dig it.

Welcome To Hard Times tracklist:

  1. Welcome To Hard Times
  2. Run Horse Run
  3. Don’t Cry
  4. Tennessee Special
  5. Fool Somebody Else
  6. Lily My Dear
  7. Wreck Me
  8. Heads You Win
  9. Rainin’ In My Heart
  10. Paint It Blue
  11. Black Jack County Crain
  12. The Man That Time Forgot
  13. The Poplar Tree

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