Last year when he stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! (the last in-person interview we did before COVID), Charley Crockett told me that his plan is to release a new album every 12-18 months 'till forever. Time between his last two album clocked in right at seven months. Time between his next two won't be nearly as long.

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The Texas native released his last album Welcome to Hard Times in July 2020, right smack dab in the middle of the pandemic. While most were cautiously holding on to albums and pushing release dates, Crockett told us that with a name like this album had what better time to release it.

Charley Crockett isn't even waiting 12 months for his next album. He is set to release his second full-length album of 2021 come September 17th. Titled Music City USA follows the surprise James Hand tribute 10 for Slim which came out in February. His newest single off the next project “I Need Your Love” came out last Friday.

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