Last night the pride of San Benito, Texas, Charley Crockett, made his late night television. As one of the hottest rising stars in country music today, it was great to see this Texan perform his style of country music for a few million folks in one fell swoop.

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It was last week that Charley tweeted that he and his band the Blue Drifters will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live December 8th. Good news if you missed it, we can watch it right here now.

Last year's Emerging Artist of the Year at the Americana Honors and Awards Ceremony, Crockett released two albums in 2021: Music City USA, in September, and the James Hand tribute album 10 for Slim: Charley Crockett Sings James Hand in February.

Of course Charley Crockett is from San Benito, TX, and "The Man From Waco" is the title of his latest album, you can hear the title track now on Radio Texas, LIVE! Ya' know, there's just something special about Charley's voice that blends perfectly with the campfire, check it out.

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