One of Texas' most talented troubadours will be our guest this Saturday on Radio Texas, LIVE! (March 7). Of course I'm referring to Charley Crockett, who'll be stopping by to hang out for a bit. We'll find out what he's got planned for new music this year, more about this movie of his, and hopefully we'll get him to sing us a song or two for us.

"I asked Ben Christensen Photography if we could shoot a western inspired music video for my song, “The Valley” and that’s how it all started. Stay tuned for the short film and my acting debut on March 2, 2020. 🌵🌵🌵"

Ben Christensen and Crockett joined forces to make us all a short film -- and they filled it up with guns, horses, kidnapping, shootouts, and mustaches. Yup, we've got a western on our hands, boys and girls.

Watch the full movie up top, and don't miss Charley hanging out with us on Saturday.

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