Country music icon Charlie Daniels is set to release a new book. In it The Grammy winner imparts words of wisdom from powerful lessons that he’s learned from traveling, and playing shows all around the world. "Let’s All Make the Day Count: The Everyday Wisdom of Charlie Daniels," will be out November, 6th.

“I have leaned heavily on my personal journey and the times I’ve knocked my head against various walls through the years while learning life’s lessons,” Daniels said. “I’ve excerpted segments of my highest and lowest times, my most devastating defeats and most rewarding victories, and how I’ve come to truly value making the day count, every single day.”

Let’s All Make the Day Count includes 100 readings that cover such topics as starting again after loss; standing your ground; how to be successful; how to show people you care; choosing your words carefully; and many more. Daniels accompanies every story with a Bible verse and a short takeaway.

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