Whiskey Myers is a talented band, but there's no way the guys would have made it to the heights they're enjoying now without a lot of hard work. And it's because of that, that over the past fifteen years they've cemented themselves among the best rock-n-rollers to ever come out of Texas. Cody Cannon and I recently caught up on Radio Texas, LIVE!

Although this show has the pleasure of blasting the best Texas & Red Dirt across 16 markets and 6 states each Saturday night on the radio, we are, just like Whiskey Myers, based in East Texas.

We try to change it up to keep it fresh but we still kinda ride in the same vein. We still sound like us I think we pushed the limits on the record. - Cody Cannon on making music.
The Radio Texas, LIVE! disposable camera
The Radio Texas, LIVE! disposable camera

I've known the guys for around 14 years. In fact, back when were were all just starting out, they were one of the very first bands I had in studio. We've drank afternoon beers at bars, hung out at shows, and even played on a softball team together for two seasons.

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So, first things first. The answer's yes, if you were wondering. Definitively it's "YES," there's really something different about bands that are destined to make it big. And that goes for Whiskey Myers. Even back then, and all along the way, these guys had the unflappable desire to succeed. No matter what it took.

When I asked Cody if early on he or the guys could foresee the level of success they're now at, he was modest, "I mean how can you, you know. [There are] so many variables and different outcomes. I mean we were young then all we wanted to do was play shows and be out on the road."

You'll notice he didn't say "no," right? That's because this band has always had that quiet confidence required to succeed.

We also talked about "Yellowstone." Whiskey Myers was one of the first bands to really gain a broader following after being featured on the hit show. But at the time when they signed on to do it, they had no idea that the show was going to be successful -- let alone career changing.

Remember? It wasn't yet the cultural phenomenon then that it quickly become.

We didn't know it was going to be that big of a deal, the show wasn't out yet.. we just thought it would be cool so we did it but we didn't know the affect it would have...  We thought we were going to meet Kevin Costner, that's why we did it" Cody says laughing. "He wasn't even there, man."

Their newest album, Tornillo, was released in July. Press play below to hear our entire interview in the podcast, and right here's where you'll find them on tour.

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