In 1989 there weren't many hotter than Clint Black. That was the year Black released his debut album Killin' Time. That album saw "A Better Man," "Nothing's News," "Walking Away," "Nobody's Home," and "Killin' Time" all become massive radio hits.

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In fact only "Nothing's News" didn't reach No. 1, but it did peak at No. 3. To go along with that, Billboard named "A Better Man" and "Nobody's Home" the Number One songs of 1989 and 1990, respectively.

Today we get an update to "Nothing's News" courtesy of Cody Jinks, Ward Davis, and the legendary Clint Black. Ahead of the release, Jinks shared the story of how the collaboration came to be:

Ward Davis and I "were sitting in his van one night listening to @ClintBlack before a show when we decided we needed to record ‘Nothing’s News.’ Then we decided we needed to call him and ask him to sing his own song with us. Not long after that we were put in touch with him and he said yes! Everyone knows how important Clint is to country music and I’m proud and thankful to have had him be so gracious and kind. Our rendition of ‘Nothing’s News’ is out now."

You may recall that Clint Black was the one who initially invited Cody Jinks to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, and this year both he and Ward have both been out on the road with Cody. Sounds like a beautiful friendship.

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