Cody Johnson knows a thing or two about work ethic. The East Texas native has busted his butt as a prison guard, and rodeo cowboy. For the past decade has been making himself into a country music superstar town-by-town.

That moment when Cody Johnson took a few moments away from entertaining 10,000+ rabid #COJONation fans at the BOK Center to have a one on one conversation with our 6-year old son who was attending his first concert ever! Thank you Cody for such a wonderful moment and an incredible show in Tulsa!

That's a decade of playing tiny bars, being told "no," and continuing to grind it out day after day. So when this parent's 6-year-old son got some direct advice from CoJo, you can bet it was well received.

I don't know about this kid, but I'm ready storm some beaches, man. Shout out to The Duncan family for sharing this video on YouTube.

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