This week we Distant Replay back to September 2017. It was nearly 18 months ago when Josh Ward and Cody Johnson were a few states away from their native Texas playing for the good Kansans at High Plains Music Fest, where Johnson surprised his buddy with a welcomed stage-crashing.

The impromptu duet of Ward's former No. 1, "Broken Heart," was a hit with fans, and it was caught on camera by Kaeleigh Grace who made an extra long drive to see the show. 

"I'd seen videos of Josh Ward and Cody Johnson preform songs before and thought it'd be a great thing to experience," Kaeleigh told us, "but never thought I'd have that chance. Being a native Texan but living in Kansas City for the last three years has afforded me the gift of valuing "when Texas comes to Kansas." Call me crazy but I took a solo road trip for the furthest concert I've been to (7 hours) to support Josh.

I knew when he began to introduce this song I had to record it," she continued, "and I'm so glad I did!  It was definitely a moment I can check off as it was something I'd been hoping to experience!"

Josh Ward recenlty become the 50th artist to record a Live at Billy Bob's album, it'll be out next month. Check out more on that here.

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