His bio on Facebook reads, "Probably the most positive-inclusive-insightful-plus size comedian, model and person on the internet!" Someone just introduced comedian Josh Pray to our kind of music and he is shook.

"Regular country be like baby don't leave. You gonna break my heart. It's gonna be like a hurricane like Luke Combs. Red Dirt got me feeling like if you leave who cares. Yo sister finer than you anyways."

“It's like if Tupac did Country Music... I can't even explain this”

"Now I know Texas is so big and so exclusive that they created their own brand of country music... It is not the same."

Download the Radio Texas, LIVE! App today and stream the best Texas and Red Dirt commercial free.Click here for IOS, or here for ANDROID. Now we've just gotta find out which song did this to him. DM us, Josh, we must know.

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