It's not easy getting that first break, but teaming up with one of the scene's hottest young stars definitely won't hurt your chances of getting it.

Corey Kent is here to make a name for himself, his latest single "Feels a lot Like This" has already got the Oklahoma native some radio play, it's currently Top 20 for him. But Kent is already looking to make his next move and take that next step forward.

"My homie Corey Kent let me lay some vocals on his new song “Ain’t My Day”. Go listen now! - Kolby Cooper

Corey has had one hell of 2021, he's become a go-to opener for acts many of Texas top acts including Parker McCollum, Randy Rogers, and Kolby Cooper. He's even got a few sold out shows of his own under his belt. You may not have heard of him yet, but he's picking up steam, and is already headlining shows in major touring markets: Austin, Oklahoma City, Houston, and College Station.

So what's the next step? Drop a stone cold banger called "Ain't My Day" with Kolby Cooper.

The tune dropped today, and Corey took to his socials to share it with fans, "I wrote "Ain't My Day" last summer with some friends (Grant Gilbert & Jack Hummel) via zoom (you know, because of the pandemic and all). Fast forward and Kolby Cooper and I are playing a ton of shows together this year & it just hit me… this song would be killer as a duet with Kolby. And I'm excited to's out!"

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