In preparation for the upcoming "Hag-Off" at MusicFest in Steamboat Springs Colo., Courtney Patton posted her version of "Driftwood" to Facebook last night.

Patton also shared that she was breaking doctor's orders for us, "With two days of vocal rest remaining, I cheated and took a quick break for Merle Haggard (and to make sure I could). I wanted to practice for this week's Hag-Off at The MusicFest, where I'm honored to sing Ms. Bonnie's parts to my favorite songs, sung and played by my friends, and where I'm just as honored to sing the lead on this one.

The song is off Haggard's 1979 album, Serving 190 Proof. And what's this "Hag-Off," you speak of, Courtney? Now we're even more upset about missing MusicFest.

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