Curtis Grimes is a long time friend of ours at Radio Texas, LIVE! Over the course of his visits he and I have made four bets. Each bet has had at least two things in common, 1. They were all on-air, and 2. Curtis has lost every single one.

Click here for details on the bet. For his most recent loss he had to perform a song of my choosing, full band, at his concert Black Friday (11/23) for a record hometown crowd at Electric Cowboy in Tyler.

Choosing the song was not easy. I took it very seriously.

If you've been following Grimes a while you undoubtedly know about his run on the television "The Voice." And you also probably know he had to sing a certain song for his audition, which aired on national television. What you may not know is shortly after the show aired he vowed never to sing that song, ever.

I take it back, choosing the song was easy.

Grimes would pay his gambling debt to me by singing Blake Shelton's "Hill Billy Bone," the very song he vowed never to sing again.

It turned out to be a good time, I even joined him on stage for Trace Adkins part.

When he stopped in the next night on my show he told us "I'm going to have start researching my bets, and come out a little more informed." As far as the song goes he told us, "that was the last time, we are retiring [Hill Billy Bone], I'm not even going to bet it anymore," he said laughing.

During his visit Grimes also sang a new song for us called "Home to Me." A song that is a bit more personal than others. "To me East Texas is my home," says Curtis,"and I'm proud to be from there. I try to carry that with me every where I go."

Something else he is proud of is his latest, and first live album "Live at the Parrish." Curtis says, "I was really proud of my band, I thought they did an awesome job. You couldn't ask for anything more than [what they did]."

But things aren't slowing down for Grimes and his band in the new year. They plan to record and release a full length studio album in 2013. He told us, "That's our goal... I just started doing the co-write thing last year, so I'm trying to just trying to hone in on the writing."

Grimes' current single "Smile" is still inching up the Texas charts, and there's still a chance it will get to No. 1 before the year ends. Here's the video for it.

And if you missed it on the radio, here's "Five Questions with Curtis Grimes." He did all right.