Mom! Wade and Randy aren't sharing. The dynamic duo shot up to No. 1 a couple months ago and have decided that they like it up there, and won't be leaving... Ever. This week as Randy & Wade continue their dominance of Texas radio, managing to remain firmly entrenched in the top spot.

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The latest from Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen, "Hold My Beer" flew up the chart fast, and have stayed there ever since. Bet the boys better keep their eyes pealed, The Honky Tonk Kid has his eyes on the prize. Let's find out where everyone lands this week on Texas radio.


10. David Adam Byrnes - Signs
9. Triston Marez with Ronnie Dunn - Where The Neon Lies
8. Jon Stork - If You Can Dance
7. Kylie Frey & Randy Houser - Horses in Heaven
6. Clay Hollis - Anybody Lovin' You
5. Casey Donahew - Queen for a Night
4. Mike Ryan - Can Down
3. Curtis Grimes - Friends
2. Aaron Watson - Boots
1. Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen - Hold My Beer

Big congratulations to Wade & Randy who remain on top for the eighth or ninth consecutive week, hell I can't keep track anymore. Song rankings compiled each week by CDX Traction - Texas.

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