Black Friday, Curtis Grimes is coming back home for his annual Thanksgiving Day concert at Cowboy's, but this will be more than just a concert. For the second year in a row Grimes is using this concert as means to help families in East Texas.

What is "Grimesgiving?"

As our second annual Grimesgiving event approaches, I wanted to share with you how this event came about. We have been playing a hometown area show during the Thanksgiving holiday for a the past few years now, and last year we decided to team up with a local charity to help families during the holiday season. After a couple of meetings and a visit to the East Texas Food Bank, I was able to witness first-hand the help they provide to families in need.

It really opened my eyes to the number of people in East Texas who rely on them to feed their family. This sparked the idea to have a food drive in conjunction with our annual show in Tyler. The non-perishable food items you bring to Cavendar's on Tuesday, November 25th, or to the show at Coach's and Cowboys on Friday, November 28th, will be used to help replenish the food bank at a time when it is needed most. Your help has been and will continue to be greatly appreciated for contributing to this important cause that directly benefits people in our hometown area. Thanks for helping us take care of the community. I'm looking forward stocking up barrels of groceries with your help!