Curtis Grimes has started a crowdfunding campaign created to record and distribute a “Faith-Based Country” album; as well as full-sized study bibles to start an outreach program called Ten Finger Ministry.

100% of your donations and any other generated income will go directly toward expenses related to recording, printing and distributing this album and purchasing Bibles to distribute for FREE to anyone willing to receive the Word. We will not retain profits of any kind, all proceeds will be used to benefit outreach ministries and mission work!

Why 30k?
To start with, crowdfunding outlets take up to 8% of the campaign for collecting and processing fees. Of the remaining balance, 20k will be used for recording a full-length, fully produced album with plenty of fiddle and pedal steel under the direction of Bart Busch at Black River Studios. We aren’t cutting any corners, I want to make this record as best as possible and reach as many people as we can through it. Another 5k will be used to cover publishing, printing and duplication of the album and the Bibles. The remaining funds will be used to get the material into the hands of people that need it most through shipping and hosted events.

The campaign will run from November 18 through January 14 and recording will begin shortly thereafter. The scheduled release date for the album will be around Easter. This leaves us plenty of time to make sure the project is properly funded, make sure we get everything done in the best way possible and team up with other resources in order to maximize our reach.

Click HERE for more information.

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