One Texas woman had a horrible flight back in 2021 and after a full investigation her poor behavior has resulted in the largest fine ever from the Federal Aviation Administration.  

According to an article from My San Antonio, the flight was in July of 2021 traveling from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. 34-year-old Heather Wells of San Antonio was on the flight and after a meltdown flight attendants had to force her in her seat using duct tape.  

Duct Tape Texas Flight

Alcohol Was Involved in This Incident 

Reports about the incident indicate that Wells was traveling in first class headed to Charlotte Douglas International Airport in North Carolina. She was getting agitated and started acting out about an hour into the flight after ordering Jack Daniels on the rocks. 

She ran to the back of the plane and fell to her knees attempting to talk to other passengers before crawling back toward the main cabin. Wells then attempted to grab the handle of the front cabin door, while screaming and yelling.  

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Physical Restraints Were Needed 

Multiple flight attendants and a passenger wrestled with Wells, she hit a flight attendant in the head multiple times. After gaining control of the situation Wells was forced in her seat with duct tape and flex cuffs. Police were waiting at the Charlotte airport for the arrival of the flight to take Wells into custody.  

Let this be a lesson for everyone, being violent or disrespectful toward flight attendants or other passengers on a flight comes with serious consequences.  

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