I heard about this story, and just had to share. Singer/Songwriter Dustin Perkins recently embarked on a journey across 15 states with nothing but a $100 in his pocket, to see if he could survive only on his music -- what would become known as the Bags of Bones Tour.

After countless years of hard luck on the Texas Music scene, he decided to hit the road solo with his guitar and play his music stripped-down, with no one telling him when to play or where to go:

“I want to get away from all the politics of music, the ‘you have to advertise here to get spins’ and the ‘you don't have enough emails on your list’ and all that bulls**t, and get back to why myself and other artists play in the first place,” he said. “And that is to relate to people through the universal language called music.”

With no gigs lined up, he is relying on his art to get him back home safely.

Props to you man.

The journey ends Oct 5th, but it's not too late to donate to his adventure in keeping the heart and soul behind his music alive.