Eli Young Band are a shining example of success, gratitude and humility. So, this video was no surprise to me. Honestly, I'd be more surprised if the guys went their whole career never having a video like this.

For real, had they not done this, in a year or ten I'd be all "Wait. EYB never uploaded a YouTube video displaying their hardworking crew? The guys behind the scene, the ones that make the show happen? Whatsup with that?"

I talk with singers and songwriters weekly. Some are rock stars, some only in their mind. Time will likely prove EYB to be one of the most nationally successful bands to ever come from the Texas Music scene. And despite the No.1 Billboard singles, awards, and sold out stadium shows they are one of the most approachable grounded bands, and nicest guys I've had the pleasure of working with.

And the simple fact they can juggle thanking their hardworking crew in a two and a half minute Dickies commercial shows just how multifaceted they are. Good on you guys!