By now we all know about Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers' new collaborative album 'Hold My Beer,' it'll be out next month. Today, thanks to The Rita Leak™, you get an exclusive first listen to their first radio single.

"If we can find a way to compromise you can be the next big star, I said 'man you might be right, but I don't care if you are.' I don't have hits, I've got standards."

Called "Standards," the song, co-written by Brian Keane and Randy, shares the frustration so many singer/songwriters feel when talking to executives about making, and putting out new music.

Keane and Rogers, both, have that special ability to be funny, even charming and disarming when it comes time to confronting sensitive or taboo topics with their lyrics and music -- and, boys, they've done it again.

'Hold My Beer' hits stores and iTunes April 20.