He also wrote that it's "too damn big." Well, you sir are completely out of line. K-Mart is a low level department box store, Buc-ee's is a shrine to road trips. And this is what we get for sharing our sacred rest stop with the The Peach State.

Earlier this month Paste Magazine published an article by Garrett Martin, who shared a few unfortunate opinions about Texas' beloved gas station chain. He begins by letting folks know that the legend of Buc-ee's preceded its arrival in Georgia, of course it did.

"The legend of Buc-ee’s has spread far and wide over the last decade," writes Martin. "If you’re in tune with the gas station wars, you’re probably heard the tales of the Texas chain with the massive stores, huge selection of food, and, most notably, the cleanest bathrooms you’ll ever find on the highway. I’m not typically one to drive through (or even to) Texas, so I never got to experience the wonder that is Buc-ee’s until they recently opened two locations in Georgia. And now that I’ve been to the Warner Robins store three or four times, I’m left with one major thought coursing through my brain: Buc-ee’s is too damn big."

But honestly, Martin's bashing, if you can even call it that, pretty much ends at the headline. While I'll admit that Buc-ee's is damn big, it's certainly not too damn big. There ain't no such thing as "too damn big," here in Texas.

Martin also has an admission, that despite its massive size and massive snack selection he will return -- it's those damn bathrooms that always keeping you coming back.

These really are the perfect highway restrooms; they’re large, private, and clean, three things you won’t find at any random BP or Shell.

In the end I think we'll get along fine. I'll give you Buc-ee's is damn big. But you gotta admit those bathrooms are real damn nice. Read Garret Martin's entire ode to Buc-ee's here.

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