Green River Ordinance has some news to pass along to fans, after 17 years of making music they guys have announced that they will be taking a break in 2018. Here's what they posted on their official band page:


This year we will be celebrating 17 years of Green River Ordinance, and we could not be more thankful for all we have gotten to experience. Music has changed our lives and opened doors we could never have imagined. We count it a blessing and a privilege that we have gotten to play music together for almost 2 whole decades! It is something we don't take for granted because we know that none of it would have been possible without YOU. YOU are the reason GRO is a band, and YOUR support is the reason we have gotten to sing our songs all across this country. We may have started this thing with just the 5 of us, but there is an army of friends, fans, and family who have allowed us to do what we do.

When we started GRO, we were literally 15 and 13-year-old kids playing in a garage, but this journey has taken us all over the world. 17 years later we now have families and kids of our own. As we reflect upon all we have gotten to experience as friends, musicians, and brothers; we have found ourselves in a new season for Green River Ordinance. We are still passionate about the music we make, but in 2018 we plan to enter a season of intentionally slowing down to focus on our families and concentrate on some exciting new projects we are each involved with.

By no means does this imply the end of GRO, WE ARE NOT breaking up. It just means that we are slowing down for a season. There will be new music in the distant future, and opportunities to see us live, though we are taking on fewer shows and being very selective and intentional with the shows we do accept.

We plan to kick off 2018 with 2 back to back shows (1/26 & 1/27) at The Aardvark in Fort Worth, the club where our journey began. We played our first shows as 15-year-old kids there and are excited to be the last band to play on it’s stage before it shuts its doors for good. We would love it if you joined us; we will be playing old and new songs and celebrating the club that started it all.

We will play a few more select shows in 2018 but most of our time will be spent at home with our families and each individually exploring some exciting new opportunities. We plan to support each other in these new ventures and would be honored if you would too (see what we are each working on in the link below)..

“We’re not gonna spend our life runnin’ scared of what we're becomin' I guess we're getting older, I guess we're gettin' older!”.



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