And the winner of the most-bad-ass grandma of the year award goes to Kris Wood. Congratulations to you, Nana Wood, you are officially the coolest grandmother in the universe. All my grandma ever got me was socks.

Imagine walking into your home to find your favorite singer chilling on your love seat. 10-year-old Kynz doesn't have to imagine that dream scenario, cause thanks to her grandma it happened to her.

Kris Wood, Kynz's grandma, shared pictures and video of the Christmas surprise she gave her granddaughter last week, and it included Parker McCollum in the living room, and some happy tears.

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As it turns out young Kynz is a huge fan of The Limestone Kid, but unfortunately missed out on two shows to see him last year thanks to COVID. I have no idea how her granny pulled this one off, but not only did she get tickets to his show for her, Parker dropped by the house to give them to her himself.

A Big Thank You to Parker McCollum, Hallie Light, and Natalie Light for helping me pull off the best surprise Christmas Gift for my 10 year old granddaughter. Kynz fell in love with Parker’s music and became not just a Parker fan, but a Country Music fan. Kynz had came up short on getting to see Parker in concert not once but twice because of Covid, so I wanted to get her tickets for Christmas. I wanted to give the tickets to her in a special way so I reached out to them for help and they made it happen. Kynz was surprised with a chance to meet Parker and the video tells the rest. Parker McCollum is genuine and such a gentleman. I will always remember how him and Hallie took timeout of their family time to make Kynz’s dream come true. For ever Thankful!


Judging from the caption on the post, looks like Parker made a new fan along the way.  What a sweet video. Good on you, Parker.

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