The Smiths are truly one the most remarkable families you'll ever meet. In the face of debilitating tragedy they are rallying and standing back up, together, stronger than ever. After tragically losing their 3-year-old son, River, earlier this month in a drowning accident, Granger Smith and his wife Amber were able to present Dell Children’s Medical Center in Austin a check for $218,791 in honor of Riv.

The story has been touching hearts of people across the country. Soon after they said their final good-byes to their youngest son, the Smith family began selling the River Smith Tribute T-shirts. They did with the pledge that all the money the shirt generated would go to the hospital that tried so hard to save his life.

Amber spoke of the impact the hospital had on their family:

“I pray that nobody else ever has to go through what we’ve gone through, but if they do, I hope they come here because y’all were incredible.”

The shirts are currently SOLD OUT, but the Yee-Yee website states that another version will be sold in the Fall of 2019 to raise more money to donate.

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