Granger Smith is hot right now, and not just because he is trekking 100 miles from S. Austin to Fort Hood to show support for our military. The A&M alum, with help from his alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr., is selling out venues across Texas and beyond. Last week Granger called into Radio Texas, LIVE! to talk about his 3rd Annual 100 Mile Boot Walk, and to debut his new single "Silverado Bench Seat."

Hear our conversation here.

This past Sunday (April 7) Granger Smith set out on his Third Annual 100 Mile Boot Walk. Next Tuesday (April 16) Granger’s “Dirt Road Driveway” drops. This album is the first that will feature his popular “country boy” alter-ego Earl Dibbles Jr.

Granger's goal with the Boot Walk is two-fold 1. Raise awareness for our service men and women 2. Raise money to help support them and their families.

"We wanted to raise $10,000 last year" Granger says, "and we ended up raised $15,000 -- so we raised it up to $20,000 [this year].

Granger is no stranger to openly, even aggressively showing his support and gratitude to our military. He's been to Iraq three times on USO tours, and still hopes to eventually make it to Afghanistan. He's performed for President George Bush at the White House and for Governor Rick Perry in Austin.

Why does he do it?

"It feels good to latch on to something like this," Granger told me. "In my mind its one of the greatest causes that we can stand for, because there are men and women in uniform overseas that allow us to travel around and play music. It's because of their sacrifice we get to do this."

Granger's new album "Dirt Road Driveway" hits stores and iTunes April 16th. In anticipation of the new album he'll be posting a video a day on YouTube until it’s release. Each video, approximately two minutes long, will highlight a single track off the new album. Keep up with the daily videos by subscribing to Granger’s YouTube Channel here.

Of the new project Granger says, "I'm pretty pumped. Any time an artist is releasing an album it's about a year's work. I started recording and writing for this thing last spring, and April 16th people finally get to hear all this work we've been doing."

And what would be a Granger Smith write-up without talking about Earl Dibbles Jr. His "country boy" alter-ego has really struck a chord with fans. To date Dibbles has over 110,000 + followers on Twitter and another 110,000 + 'likes' on Facebook.

On top of those impressive numbers, Dibbles' videos are going viral. The Original "Country Boy" video has over two million views on YouTube to go along with "The Country Boy Song's" additional two million views.

Granger has a hard time hiding his excitement about the country boy phenomenon. "Yeah, isnt that crazy!" He says, "it seems like the more views it gets the faster it grows. I can't believe it either."

Finally we debuted "Silverado Bench Seat," the follow up single to his Top 10 hit "We Do It in a Field." Check it out.

And don't worry Dibbles' fans -- there is a brand new song from your favorite country boy, on Granger's new album called "Country Boy Love" and according to him, the video for this will be even better than the last.

Become a part of Granger's Third Annual 100 Mile Boot Walk here.