Granger Smith is lacing up his combat boots once again for his fifth annual Boot Walk.

This year’s format will be different, however. In years past, Granger has taken the 100-mile trek from Austin, TX to Fort Hood that culminated in a benefit concert with proceeds going to the national 501c3 non-profit, Boot Campaign.

For 2017, Granger is calling for families and friends of fallen soldiers to submit their stories to be shared through a documentary series. Five candidates will be chosen to be featured and Granger will walk 20-miles in solitude to honor each of them (totaling 100 miles); telling their personal story along the way.

“There are heroes among us today,” says Granger. “When a hero falls, their legacy must live on. Their story must be told and retold. Their sacrifices have sewn the fabric of our freedom, and I’m setting out across the desert for 100 miles in their boots to honor the life they lived. When we lose someone to war, our worst fear is that their story will be lost with them. With every step of this Boot Walk, I will make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Click HERE to submit your story.  The deadline for submissions is Monday, December 28.