Up next for Texas Music's G.O.A.T., it's "The Last Whistle" soundtrack. Pat Green has a new song "Till The Last Whistle Blows," that will be included on the new motion picture out later this month in select theaters.

The trailer looks pretty intense, something that anyone who has played football in Texas -- or ever lived in Texas -- will be able to relate to.

The critically-acclaimed football drama follows a high school coach (Brad Leland, best known as “Buddy Garrity” in the critically acclaimed Friday Night Lights), who is shaken by the sudden death of his promising star player, who collapses during practice. As he fights against his inevitable responsibility for the event, the veteran coach tries to play on to maintain the team's winning streak, instead of handling the tragedy. The town then turns against him, and the player’s mother sues the coach for negligence, placing his career at a crossroads. Through this crisis, the coach is pressed to face some uncomfortable facts about the decisions he has made in his life -- and the way he has made them.

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