I think one of the most underestimated, and perhaps under-appreciated, concepts is how much it costs an artist to play a show, whether it be acoustic or full band. Musicians have to think about not only the band members, but the road crew, equipment, insurance, travel costs, lodging... the list goes on. So how much does it cost to book your favorite artist?

Degy Entertainment booking agency put together a list of "rates suggested by the artists' agents per show, pre-expense," before all the costs mentioned above. Priceonomics, who posted this article, would like to make not:

"These are asking prices from a third-party booking agency that specializes in college shows; as such, the numbers are likely inflated. Actual prices negotiated by many of these performers are contingent on a variety of factors."

The list ranges from The Wheeler Brothers at $5k a show to Merle Haggard at $100k a show:

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