I'll be honest, I didn't think this was ever going to happen. I'd given up hope. But after speaking to some folks over the weekend, and now this, it looks like Christmas miracles do happen.

Let the world rejoice!

Right before Thanksgiving last week Turnpike Troubadours sent the internet ablaze by updating their website. Now the landing page is bright orange, with what appears to be the silhouette of two roosters fighting, and in beautiful white lettering it reads "Coming Soon."

Further fueling speculation of a possible reunion last week, the band also wiped their Instagram clean and made their Twitter private. I can safely assume now that Santa got my letter this year.

Today Turnpike posted a brand new full band picture on their official Instagram, their first band picture in well over two years.

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After speaking to a few insiders over the weekend it looks like we will be getting some of that highly anticipated new Turnpike music in 2022. Y'all I got a wife, whom I love, and three beautiful daughters, and now this? My heart is overflowing.

The only caption for the new picture, "😃"

This past summer RC Edwards, Hank Early, Amber Watson released Big Country, the debut album from RC & The Ambers, that's a fun listen.

Fiddle player Kyle Nix released his debut solo album, Lightning on the Mountain & Other Short Stories, last year. He also recently got sober. His project is chalk full of great story telling songs and as expected masterful fiddle playing. He and his new band have a full touring schedule.

And finally front man Evan Felker and his wife Staci welcomed a beautiful baby girl earlier this year. There have even been a few Felker 'sightings." He was back on stage singing Turnpike songs with The Teague Brothers Band this past spring, and then again just a few weeks ago as part of Rhett Millers virtual benefit for cystic fibrosis.

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