If you haven’t heard Wild Texas Wednesdays are back at the newer, bigger, better Cowboy’s in Tyler. This week we are proud to welcome Johny Cooper.

Cooper cut his teeth playing bars and honky tonks, before he was even old enough to vote. or smoke, or join the military, or drink for that matter. He got a big break in Texas radio thanks to his hit 'Texas to You,' and has gone on to release great music -- that has really kept fans on their toes.

His sound has evolved since that first album, he's added more funk and R&B influences. His next offering, Red Sessions, is a hybrid of several musical genres and is being supported through pledgemusic.com, which allows fans to help fund the creation of the album. “It’s a hands-on way for people to help make music,” Cooper says. “Fans get to hear our music and make donations toward the next recording, and in return, they get things back, a bunch of personalized stuff. It’s a great way of allowing our fans to help us make the music they enjoy.”

Tonight come hang with Johnny and me and partake in Cowboy’s Wild Texas Wednesdays drink specials: how about .50 cent drafts, and $1.50 well, wine and long necks all night.

Upcoming Concert Calendar
  • Wednesday March 11: Johnny Cooper (Acoustic)
  • Friday March 13: Curtis Grimes (Full Band)
  • Wednesday March 18: Josh Ward (Full Band)
  • Wednesday March 25: Jon Wolfe (Acoustic) for the album release of 'Natural Man.'