Bud Light is celebrating 30 years of brewing here in the Lone Star State, and to help spread the word they have enlisted Texas' own Josh Abbott Band. The band’s take on "Deep in the Heart of Texas" will be used in Bud Light commercials throughout the Lone Star State.

Abbott tells Wide Open Country that the partnership was a natural fit. “We hit it off in a couple meetings and it led to a partnership that we’re excited about!” Abbott says. “They want to get the message out that while they are a national brand, they are made in Houston by fellow Texans.”

“If you google it, there’s actually a lot of different lyric arrangements,” Abbott notes. “So I just went with the one I thought sounded correct.”

Abbott, who was our guest last week on Radio Texas, LIVE!, told us that he and the boys won't be touring as much in 2018 outside of from Texas, as in years past. “I'm getting married this summer, I've got a new baby, and I want to spend more time with them." He also plans to record a new album in August. Abbott also told us there is a chance of the first-ever Josh Abbott Band live album in 2019.

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