Josh Abbott was our first in studio guest on Radio Texas, LIVE! this year, which will serve as merely a warm up for him and his band, as tonight he and the boys will be playing for a slightly smaller redheaded host, before a much bigger national television audience.

Tonight (Jan. 18th), Lubbock-based Josh Abbott Band will head to late night television, for a second time, when they take their Texas sound to Conan on TBS. You may recall they made their national television debut on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE last summer.

During his visit to our show two weeks ago Abbott revealed that he has a surprise for O'Brien, although he wouldn't tell us what it is. "Everybody that's listening," he advised our listeners, "please make sure you watch, at the end of our performance we're going to present [Conan] with something."

This morning Abbott tweeted that he will be snapchatting his day on the show, if you wanna kill some time at work peepin' his snaps.

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