For nearly a decade Lubbock-based Josh Abbott Band has continually answered the question "What is Texas Music?" From their breakout hit, "Taste," to their critically acclaimed '15 album Front Row Seat; Abbott and the boys regularly find themselves on the cutting edge of Texas.

... And on the Nashville fringe.

The guys enjoyed their first Top 40 hit last summer with "Wasn't That Drunk." It's success lead to a couple of late night television appearances (Kimmel, and Conan), and opened the Texas Music scene up to a broader, national audience.

With their newest single the guys are still showing that they aren't afraid to be different. Yes, those are horns in "Texas Women, Tennessee Whiskey." Something that is now acceptable in large part thanks to Sturgill Simpson. In fact, we will likely hear more and more horns in country songs. And to answer your next question, yes. Abbott will be touring with an entire horn section this fall.

Be on the lookout the new daddy and his band will be following up their monster album with Until My Voice Goes Out, in mid-August.

"This album is about life & the rediscovery of it as an adult," Abbott told us in a text conversation. "This is the sequel to Front Row Seat. It's me moving on, figuring out how to forgive myself & be vulnerable enough to fall in love again. Figuring out what's important in life, spending time with friends, having fun, and remembering my father."

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