Well, we suppose that they just forgot to release this one last year. Today the Josh Abbott Band teased their "new" music video for their 2015 smash "Amnesia."

The song which was the first single off the Front Row Seat album rose to the top of the Texas charts in late '15, but it's in late '16 that we get our first glimpse of the accompanying music video.

No word on what led to the delay, but regardless, fans will be excited to finally get a look at the Evan Kaufmann directed music video. Kaufmann was apparently worried about the video ever getting out, yesterday he posted "Did this video about a year ago and wasn't sure it was ever gunna see the light of day. Excited to release it on Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday," to his Facebook.

We'll be sure to pass it along once it's out. Josh Abbott Band's new radio single "Live it While You Go it," is out to radio this week.

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