One of the biggest albums in Texas Music's lauded history is celebrating a milestone. Josh Abbott Band's breakout album, She's Like Texas, just turned ten-years-old .

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In 2010 after the album dropped there was a massive shift in the Texas scene. It was felt from Lubbock to Houston. I had the chance to witness it first hand. In 2009, on the heels of their regional hit, "Taste," and Scapegoat EP, JAB was a buzz-worthy band with a newly amassed, and rapidly growing, following in West Texas.

I went to my first Josh Abbott Band concert in Tyler (East Texas) in the fall of '09, and there was a good turnout, around 300-400 people. A nice haul for any band's first time to play a club, and I'm pretty sure first it was their first time in Tyler.

Fast forward a few months, like 3 or 4 at most, Josh Abbott Band was back in Tyler where they played a sold out show for around 1,200 people. What was the difference? She's Like Texas. That's it. As soon as that sophomore album began making its way across Texas, that was it. Everyone was talkin' about the JAB.

Josh and the boys have spent the last decade headlining festivals, curating their own festivals, selling out clubs & dance halls across Texas, and the US.

To celebrate their career-defining album they have announced that they are releasing it on vinyl for the first time ever, and that if you pre-order it will be signed by members of the band.

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