The Josh Abbott Band have released their share of love songs, Texas songs, and Texas love songs. Last year Abbott jumped at the opportunity to throw his talent behind a fellow Red Raider and help to create an amazing day for two, now, newlyweds.

Summit Hogue set out planning his proposal to Miranda Cordero over year ago. According to his YouTube channel he enlisted the help of Josh Abbott to help carry it out. "I called Josh and threw out the idea of "Lets write a song for Miranda, you ask us to be in a music video for a 'new song you have coming out', & lets shoot a Music/Engagement video to this song."

Hogue continues on about his plan, "Josh, being the incredibly selfless guy he is, jumped on board and said lets do it! Side note - Shout out to Josh Abbott for taking time out of his insanely busy schedule to sit down with me and put my thoughts into a song - Dude is unreal talented! Marriage is hard and there will be plenty of trials throughout the years. I wanted this video to be something we can always look back on and smile at how we felt that day. A remedy for battles we face in the future."

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