My pal, Rita Ballou, posted this video first. But, we wanted to share it with y'all too. At Ziegfest last weekend Josh Abbott and his crew invited Hazel McKenna, who is battling ovarian cancer, on stage to sing with him.

From Rita's email:

Your heart is going to go out to this young lady. Over the weekend, Josh Abbott Band invited longtime fan Hazel McKenna to join the band on stage at Ziegfest. Hazel is battling ovarian cancer, and after her diagnosis she created a bucket list of things she’d like to do, including singing with Josh on-stage at a show.

After taking her spot in front of the mic, Hazel threw down her crutches, unwrapped her head scarf, and harmonized with Josh on a beautiful version of “Oh Tonight”, a duet originally recorded with Kacey Musgraves.