Last week Josh Abbott Band's latest project hit stores and iTunes, on Saturday he called in to Radio Texas, LIVE! to tell us all about, we also debuted a song called She Don't Break.

Two weeks ago JABFest in Lubbock sold out. Over 8,000 people showed up to watch the Texas Tech alum, Casey Donahew Band, Kyle Park, William Clark Green, and Sam Riggs.

Abbott says of the sellout show in his hometown, "I set high expectations, so I do not typically get blown away, but I'll be honest I didn't expect over 8,000 people to come out to our show."

One of Texas' brightest new stars William Clark Green released a song called Hangin' Around this past summer, Green is also a Tech alum and he and Abbott are great friends. So, what was Green's reaction to Abbott's single of the same name?

"He was like 'Dude are you serious!?' says Abbott. "But I didnt know his was going to be on the radio, so it's pretty funny, we'll both have a song called Hangin' Around, hopefully we can both have number ones with it."

They've been mainstays in and around Texas for a few years now, but with their new single The Josh Abbott Band will be making a national push, and really hope to establish themselves outside of Texas.

Why did they decide on Hangin' Around, for the national release?

"We wanted to do something that's fun, something that's upbeat that really reflects our band." Abbott continues, "There's s nice fiddle intro, there's a banjo part that rolls through the breakdown and that really encompasses us as a band. I really hope we start catching some ears with it."

Be sure to listen to our conversation, up top, for your first listen to She Don't Break, a song Josh says has a great chance of being their next single. The Tuesday Night EP is out now.