In January, our pal Kasey James from The PlayList shared exclusively with Radio Texas, LIVE! readers Parts 1 & 2 of his illuminating conversation with Cody Canada. James sat down with the Red Dirt legend for his "Artist Access" series, and the two had us all glued to our screens.

In Part 1 they dive into Canada's stance on one of Texas' brightest burning stars, Koe Wetzel -- who thanks to his hit "Ragweed" is introducing a new generation to Cross Canadian Ragweed:

Everybody had really finally stopped asking me about when the band was going to get back together, then he put out that f*cking song," Canada says laughing. "No, I like the song. It's an honor. (WATCH PART 1 HERE)

In Part 2 the guys tackle the Ragweed breakup:

I was really pissed off. It was coming, we saw it coming. If you watch any band that breaks up you can see the date that they split and go backwards and see it coming... When it did go down it went down in a heated argument. There was a lot of anger, and then the next day I was kinda scared... Sixteen years is a good run... getting back together will never happen. (WATCH PART 2 HERE)

Both episodes struck a chord with our listeners and readers; we've been fielding tweets, emails, and app messages, asking when will Part 3 be out for weeks.

The wait is over.

In the finale, James and Canada discuss work/family balance, and Canada's kids following in their dad's footsteps. James told us, "this episode is kinda a passing of the torch on to his boys, Dierks & Willy as they each start their musical journeys; which I know that means a great deal to him." Hit play on Part 3 up top.

Shout out to The PlayList creator, Kasey James, for sharing this with us, our readers, and listeners. He's done a lot of interviews, but Kasey told us that this one was particularly special to him, "because it was Cody that brought me to the industry... along with many other talented artist and musicians... But with Cody being the tribute artist at this years at MusicFest in Steamboat & the way him and Shannon have helped me personally over the years, this was my way to give back to them."

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The PlayList is a music movement built on solid branding and keen music video production. The company has recently launched an Artist Access series where they sit down with various musical artists to get an exclusive, uncensored look into their lives.

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