In July of this year Kevin Fowler played his official 2,000th concert. I say "official" because, c'mon let's be real, no one keeps track of that stuff, and with someone like Fowler who has been pounding the road and building a monstrous fan base for going on twenty years, that number has got to be so much higher.

This Friday the Redneck Messiah will be coming to Tyler and Cowboy's to play his unofficial 2,024th show. And you know he's gonna bring it. Ticket are available online here, or you can get there early and get yours at the door.

Upcoming Concert Calendar

  • Wednesday, Sept. 30: Shane Smith and the Saints (Full Band).
  • Friday, Oct. 2: Kevin Fowler (Full Band).
  • Thursday, Oct. 8: The Randy Rogers Band (Full Band).
  • Friday, Oct 16: Wade Bowen (Full Band).