Koe cares, Koe just doesn't care what anyone thinks about what he's doing. Last night Columbia Record's newest act dropped his new music video and a body into a lake while lamenting whether it is "Sundy or Mundy?"

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Decked out jorts, an unbuttoned button-up, and Nike Air Monarchs, a.k.a. your dad's lawn mowing shoes, the East Texas native has made his presence known -- releasing his new single and music video with the backing of one of the world's largest record labels, and yeah I love it.

What was the inspiration for the music video? Koe tells American Songwriter, "My uncle told me a story about a chicken farmer whose wife cheated on him, so he killed her lover and asked my uncle to take care of the body. My uncle passed away a couple years back, so I felt like I could reenact the story the way he described it.”

The video's biggest low-key twist of course comes at the end, when a young fan wearing a Koe tee runs up to take a picture with him. That's when we realize he's not playing a character, the real Koe just dumped a body in a real lake.

Love it? Hate it? Either one is fine. Congrats, Koe!

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