I don't know when Koe's place is opening in Fort Worth, TX, but you can bet your butt we'll be checking it out once it does.

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Of course Koe is not the first Texas artist to get bit by the entrepreneurial bug. Randy Rogers owns Cheatham Street Warehouse, Parker McCollum has his own signature wine, Wade Bowen owns a BBQ spot and ice cream shop, Pat Green has several business ventures, and Kevin Fowler does a little bit of everything; just to name a few.

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Ya gotta admit, it's the last thing any of us saw coming, but Koe opening up a bar in Fort Worth is genius. I reached out to Koe's management but haven't heard back yet, so we don't really know much just a few assumptions like our pals over at WhiskeyRiff, who first broke the news over the weekend thanks to a tweet from @brawink.

I did see one person who posted that that they have an interview at the Riot Room, so as long as she's not lying it would appear they are in the process of staffing up. As far as the website goes, as of right now there's just a single tab that reads "jobs."

Meanwhile, Koe is staying busy. Last night he was in Tampa Bay watching Dak and the Boys elminate Tom Brady and the Bucs from the playoffs, he dropped a new single last week with Diplo and Kodak Black called "Wasted" and he'll soon be heading back into the studio to work on his next album.

"The main focus is the country record, obviously," Koe told me when we caught up recently. "But you know how I am, it's comin', I don't if it'll be the next record but it's coming." Click here, or directly below, to hear my entire conversation with Koe.

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