Koe Wetzel has announced that his third album Sellout will be released November 20the, his first release with Columbia Records. If you're worried, relax, as 13 of the 14 tracks were either written or co-written by Koe.

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The new project includes his brand new song “Good Die Young” as well as two tracks he released this summer “Kuntry & Wistern” and “Sundy or Mundy.”

“When I was writing this record I wanted to give people a real view of what I was going through and the things I had experienced at that moment. I honestly feel like Sellout has accomplished that more than any other album I’ve recorded so far. When it came time to name the album, I felt like we needed to give it something that would allow us to create some really fun content to support the release while at the same time highlighting this new relationship with Columbia.”

Based off of the three songs he has already released, this new album will be Koe Wetzel being 100% Koe Wetzel, but adding a new level of songwriting that proves that Koe belongs at the forefront of this scene. It’s southern rock and roll meets late ‘90s and early 2000s punk rock meets raw, hillbilly East Texas country music.

Sellout Tracklist:

1. Pre-Sellout
2. Kuntry & Wistern
3. Cold & Alone
4. Crying From The Bathroom
5. The Fiddler
6. Lubbock
7. SideChick
8. Drug Problem
9. Outcast
10. Sundy or Mundy
11. Good Die Young
12. Drunk Driving
13. FGA
14. Post-Sellout

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