There's two ways to do things: like someone else or like Koe. With a single tweet, Koe Wetzel dropped his new single "Austin" after imbibing "one too many" early this morning.

But why would he do it any other way? Right now this is exactly what he should do. Koe and his Konvicts have built a grassroots following without fancy promotions and radio. And it's worked.

Koe even hinted at dropping the single as a surprise when we debuted it on Radio Texas, LIVE! last month. We didn't think he was serious -- but we sure didn't put it past him. We even joked on the show about a release from the Stephenville-transplant being able to go platinum on Twitter -- guess we're fixin' to find out.

Go get yourself a digital download of Koe's new song! Just remember you heard it first on Radio Texas, LIVE!

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