Last weekend he played for thousands at his Texas Rangers's post-game concert at the ballpark in Arlington. This week he hosted his first-ever Mexi-Koe in Riveria Maya, Mexico. At some point in between all of this, at about 3 a.m. this morning, Koe Wetzel confirmed that his new album is "Finally Done." We think.


I mean we're pretty sure he's tweeting about his new album. What else we been waiting for from Koe for over two years. It's a safe assumption that he's referring to the new album is all we're saying.

We are stoked about it. The last new song we got from Koe and the boys was "Austin" in November of 2017. When he stopped by Radio Texas, LIVE! earlier this year he told us that he'd rented a recording studio near his home for the entire year -- he wanted to be able to work on it whenever he felt the urge. In April he reiterated that the new project was getting close to wrapping when he caught up with him at his inaugural Koe Wetzel's Incredible Music Festival.

Welp, looks like he's done, and we can't wait to hear it.

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