Selling out shows across Texas, and the US, Koe Wetzel is one of the hottest independent acts going right now. He'll be playing a post-game concert for the Texas Rangers on May 31st, think there are a few tickets left.

This story has been updated: For not the first time, and certainly not the last, we made a mistake. The man racing Koe in the grainy cellphone footage is not Kolby Cooper. But let's take this opportunity to talk about Cooper for the very first time here on

Kolby Cooper is a native East Texan, from Palestine, and at just 19-years-old is really beginning to find some traction in the Texas and Red Dirt scene. He's soon to release his second EP, The Good Ones Never Last. Keeping it close to home, Cooper recorded the EP back home at Rosewood Studios in Tyler, TX.

Back to the grainy video of Koe and (not) Kolby Cooper. Koe squared off against a different Kolby, possibly Coby, for a late night, possibly drunken, no-shoes-allowed foot race. Who's faster? Not sure the video will answer that. But after this Koe's hand is definitely going to be hurting for the next few days. Much like our pride.

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