The last thing that anyone in Texas wants to deal with is someone stealing their vehicle. Whether they have their vehicle insured or not, the time and the hassle are a massive inconvenience.

But we all know that crime happens everywhere, including here in the Lone Star State. But I did take the time to look at the numbers from US Insurance Agents to see what the most stolen vehicles in the state of Texas and it seems like pick-ups are hit hardest. 

It’s crazy to me that people even attempt to steal cars or trucks because it seems like there are tracking devices on all vehicles now, it seems like criminals would be caught easily with all the new technology.

The top 10 most stolen vehicles list is distributed for each state and the top three vehicles on the list for the state of Texas are all pick-ups. Then the list gets into more cars and a large SUV made the list as well. 

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Older Pickup Trucks Seem to Be Stolen More in Texas 

Criminals know about the latest safety technology in vehicles too because the older pickup trucks seem to be the target of thieves, much more than a brand-new truck.  

Easy Tips to Reduce Vehicle Theft in Texas 

We all know that we shouldn't leave our keys in our vehicle but remember to lock your vehicle always. Also, if you don't have a remote start don't start your vehicle and walk away even for a short period it only takes seconds for your vehicle to disappear. 

Here is a look at the 10 most stolen vehicles in the state of Texas. 

Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in Texas

Top 10 Most Stolen Cars in TX Protect Yourself from Vehicle Theft

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The 10 Most Stolen Vehicles In Texas By Make and Model

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau annual "Hot Wheels" report, these were the most common vehicles stolen in Texas. KDAF-TV broke the data down to the specific year for each one too. Here's what they found.

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