Charley Crockett works hard. The man is everything that's good about country music. The South Texas native has made it abundantly clear during our Radio Texas, LIVE! hangs that he intends to record a new album every year, at least. The hard-working former street performer released his latest masterpiece, Welcome To Hard Times, on July 31st of last year.

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This week a buddy of mine, and fellow Charley Crockett fan, sent me a nearly three-year-old video that, to be honest, I'm kinda sad I haven't seen before. It's a pure set your hair on fire cover of the late, great Possum. Charley is a fan and ardent student of country music giants including George Jones, and hearing and watching him tackle "The Race Is On" will quickly turn anyone's bad day good.

Shoutout to YouTuber robwas who recorded it live at Parker Press Park in Woodbridge NJ on July 11, 2018. It is part of the Free Country Sundays/Woodbridge Wednesdays concert series.

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